The Best Long Lasting LipStick

LipSense is the original, the first and truly the BEST of all  long-lasting lipsticks.  We guarantee you’ll love the results or we’ll refund your money. 

We guarantee you’ll  never have a lipstick-stained coffee cup again. Not only do we offer semi permanent lip color but we now have a complete line of waterproof, semi permanent makeup!  Test us by first trying our long lasting non-drying lipstick LipSense and then you’ll easily move into using our other waterproof makeup products.

Since the early days of lipstick, all women have wanted one thing: for their lipstick to last!  The new generation of long-lasting lipsticks all  promise that their lipstick won’t come off when you eat, drink, talk or kiss.  But not all of the semi permanent lasting lipsticks perform as they claim.   They invite you to get the look that lasts all day and enjoy 24- hour lip color with their product that outlasts others.  However, many of the long-lasting shades still feather and bleed into the tiny lines around the lips.  

And it has been almost impossible to find a non-drying long lasting lipstick  until LipSense.  I’m continually comparing other all day lipsticks advertised on TV to LipSense.  Most use a formula that gets hard and thick then cracks on your lips.  Even Lip Ink’s formula, even though it appears to be the most similar to LipSense doesn’t copy the thin smooth layers of color that LipSense has.

LipSense by SeneGence lasts from 4-18 hours without drying your lips.  We invite you to compare the staying power of LipSense to others and see for yourself that we outlast the competition. 

But don’t just take our word for it!  See the video below.  LipSense was featured on The View TV Show because one of their producers selected LipSense as their favorite product!  Will you be next?


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