New LipSense Color – Boss LipSense

All Lady Bosses, Lip Bosses and Girl Bosses Unite! New “Boss” Lipsense is a richly pigmented, bold berry with an opaque matte finish. Finish with Matte Gloss or Glossy Gloss.

Part of the Ultra Intense Matte LipSense¬ģ collection.

Limited Edition – Get it while you can! Boss Lipsense. A special collectable size Only $19


Christina Aguilera’s Favorite Signature Red Lipstick

Christina Aguilera is not only famous as a singer and actress. ¬†Now she’s famous for her bright red lipstick. ¬†Women everywhere are asking, “What red lipstick does Christina Aguilera wear?” or ¬†“What brand of red lipstick does Christina Aguilera wear?”

Get her FAV red from
Christina reveals favorite red lipstick.

Christina answered those questions when Marie Claire magazine posed the following question,¬†¬†“Do you have a favorite everyday shade?” ¬†“For the most part, my signature shade is from¬†LipSense. ¬†I love a color called Blu Red”, answered Christina. ¬†She says, “Red lips are my must have. ¬†Red makes you feel instantly sexy and radiant. ¬†It’s a confidence boost.”

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Vince Spinnato – Chemist of the Stars – My Pursuit of Beauty Documentary

Spending time with Vince Spinnato last week on the big island of Hawaii was a treat in itself.  Vince, a genius cosmetic chemist, has a documentary called, My Pursuit of Beauty, premiering on the History Channel before the end of the year.

We were both on the Big Island as guests of SeneGence International, an anti-aging cosmetics company. ¬†Vince as the in-house scientist and creator of high tech products for SeneGence and I as an independent distributor and Crown Princess¬†in the royal ranks of SeneGence’s sales force.

Vince Spinnato MyPursuit of Beauty

I was only familiar with Vince as the “man behind the products” with Senegence. ¬†He is a cutting edge cosmetic chemist who has wowed us at SeneGence more than once with new, exciting product innovations. ¬†Vince Spinnato is also known as the “Go To” guy for celebrities looking to create their own fragrances, skin care and cosmetic products. ¬†He has consulted for companies such as Estee Lauder, L‚ÄôOreal, LVMH (Sephora), P&G, and Alberto Culver.

Vince is a man that it would take quite a long time to really know. ¬†Imagine layers, like an onion. ¬†You know there is so much more beneath the surface. ¬†Don’t get me wrong. ¬†He is immediately likable with a wicked sense of humor. ¬†You feel like you are talking with your best guy friend from high school. ¬†There is no pretense that you might associate with someone who rubs elbows with the rich and famous. ¬†But Vince Spinnato is a cosmetic genius. ¬†You could spend hours talking shop with Vince if you had any clue how he creates his game changing products. ¬†Of which, I did not.

His relaxed and caring attitude along with that quick wit had me wanting more. ¬†Luckily, fate and the airlines provided the opportunity for us to spend more private time together. ¬†When asked questions, Vince chats easily about his family, his life, work and his precious dog “Fallon”. ¬† I have a distinct feeling that Vince could be one of my “real” friends. ¬†Even my husband got a hug from Vince when we said our final good byes.

We at SeneGence are well aware that we receive and share with the public, new technology before it even reaches the “big” cosmetic giants. ¬†Vince’s technology allows SeneGence to be a¬†LEADER of new innovative products¬†in the industry. ¬†That’s right! ¬†You should be looking for a Senegence Independent Distributor right now! ¬†Lucky for you, that’s ME.

SeneGence introduced the beauty market to LipSense long lasting lip color in 1999. ¬†LipSense is patented because it is actually a new technology that has never been copied. ¬†Oh believe me, all the cosmetics companies have tried. ¬†You’ve tried them too. ¬†The ones that dry out your lips and peel off in sheets. ¬†But you have never tried ANY long lasting lipstick that works like LipSense!

Vince Spinnato has provided exclusive new anti-aging technology to SeneGence that will have the big companies scrambling to copy.  Why wait for the copy cats?  YOU can have this anti-aging, skin changing technology now!  Just contact me, Leanne Avant at 850-524-5477 or purchase the jaw dropping, time-reversing, one of a kind, Anti-Aging Skin Care Collection.

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The Best Long Lasting Lipstick

Are you still searching for the best long lasting lipstick? ¬†Do you eat your lipstick off during the day? ¬†Is your lipstick gone within an hour of applying?¬† Does your lipstick look great but feathers and bleeds into the fine lines around your lips? ¬†Do your loved ones run away so they don’t get kissy lip prints on their face?

There are countless lipstick brands claiming that their long lasting lipstick is the best.  You could spend thousands of dollars buying each brand to try it for yourself.

Learn from other people’s mistakes. ¬†I‚Äôve spent the last 35 years in the beauty/fashion/image business.¬† I‚Äôve worked for several cosmetic companies.¬† I‚Äôve personally tried every brand of lipstick that has claimed to be the best long lasting lipstick.

I’ve discovered that the originator of the long lasting lipstick revolution got it right the first time. ¬†It’s Lipsense¬†by SeneGence International. ¬† Lipsense¬†is a liquid lip color, not a lipstick.

Lipsense is lipsensapplied in 3 thin layers followed by a special moisturizing gloss. ¬†It is sold in a 3 piece set that includes a color, a gloss and a remover. ¬†You can¬†save 10% by ordering the Collection Set.¬† And it doesn’t budge! ¬†It absolutely will NOT feather and bleed even if you have deep lip wrinkles.

Lipsense does NOT kiss off.  It leaves a Clear Kiss!

When used properly, it doesn’t dry out your lips like so many other long lasting brands. ¬†This product will last on your lips between 4-18 hours. ¬†There is a broad range because people’s PH levels determine how long it lasts. ¬†Even if it only lasts 3 hours, it won’t get on you teeth! ¬†It won’t get on your coffee cup. ¬†It sets instantly when you apply it so it quick and easy to apply.

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Sell Lipsense, Sell Senegence

Every woman in the world wants a lipstick that lasts for hours, won’t feather and bleed, won’t smear on their teeth or leave lip prints on their drinking glass. ¬†And I found that lipstick secret in the year 2000! ¬†It’s called Lipsense.


How would an extra $1000 per month affect your life? ¬†Seems like a simple question. ¬†Many aren’t willing to do what it takes to add and extra $1000 to their income. ¬†Many people don’t even know that it’s an option. ¬†They have what it takes but need an opportunity.

Sell SeneGence.  It is your chance to have a business sharing the #1 product that every woman wants.

I’ve been a distributor of SeneGence International for 14 years. ¬†I had no way of knowing so long ago that I was embarking on such a journey. ¬†I became a distributor merely because I wanted the tester kit of all the Lipsense colors!

Set your own schedule, be your own boss and live your life ‚Äď on your terms.¬†

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LipSense Lipstick by SeneGence Announces New Color for a Cause

Lexie Bear-y Lipsense

SeneGence International announces their newest Lipsense color. ¬†The name is Lexie Bear-y. ¬† It’s a cool tone

A SeneGence distributor earned the right to name this new ¬†Lipsense lip color.¬† ¬† ¬†Find out why she chose the name Lexie Bear-y. ¬†Here’s her story.

A portion of the proceeds from every tube of this long-lasting, fuchsia-berry shade will be donated to national children’s health organizations, to fund the research, understanding, and prevention of childhood diseases! It’s truly a color that makes a difference.

Now you can truly “kiss for a cause” with Lipsense.

Newest Lipsense Color May 2014 – Fly Girl










Today SeneGence International announced a NEW Limited Edition LIPSENSE¬†color named, “Fly Girl”.


SeneGence collaborated with the Flight Attendants of Virgin America Airlines to create this classic deep cherry red color to compliment their signature red uniforms.   The Fly Girls of Virgin America love LipSense  because it lasts for hours while they are flying.  

There is no need for color touch ups as they cross the Atlantic.



Whether you consider yourself a Fly Girl or not, you can still rock this new classic red lip color!

If you are new to Lipsense, be sure to order a Collection Set  (Lipsense, Glossy Gloss and Ooops! Corrector) to get the best results.

You also get a 10% discount when you purchase the Collection!







Christina Aguilera’s Favorite Brand of Red Lipstick.

LipSense¬†continues to gain¬†popularity¬†among the movie star, celebrity scene. ¬† But Christina Aguilera was the first pop star to start telling the media about her favorite red lipstick. ¬†Christina¬†¬†has endorsed¬†LipSense lipstick¬†repeatedly in many interviews.¬† She loves the classic, clear 1950’s look of¬†LipSense in Blu Red.¬† She also likes¬†Cranberry, a blue based red that is more sheer than the Blu Red. ¬†Get a 10% discount NOW when you purchase a Lipsense Collection Set.

Christina praised Lipsense by SeneGence in the January 2012 Edition of Ladies Home Journal.¬†¬†¬†In Marie Claire where she claimed Cranberry Lipsense as a favorite saying, “If I’m feeling creative at home, I’ll throw on red lips because it makes me feel good.”
Allure¬†magazine asked¬†Christina, “Do you get glam every day?” and she replied, “I can be at home in sweatpants, and I’ll slap on red lipstick to write in my diary. LipSense in Blue-Red always seems to do the the trick. It’s kissproof.”
Have you¬†ever asked¬†yourself¬†“What is Christina Aguilera’s brand of red lipstick?”, “What is that perfect red lipstick that Christina Aguilera wears?”, “Where can I find the red lipstick that Christina Aguilera wears?” ¬†Now you know! ¬†But where can you BUY Christina’s favorite lipstick?? ¬†Just visit
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LipSense Color Swirl

The Best Long Lasting LipStick

LipSense¬†is the original, the first and truly¬†the¬†BEST of all¬† long-lasting¬†lipsticks.¬† We guarantee you’ll love the results or we’ll refund your money.¬†

We guarantee you’ll¬† never have a lipstick-stained coffee cup again. Not only do we offer semi permanent lip color but we now have a complete line of waterproof, semi permanent makeup!¬† Test us by first trying our long lasting¬†non-drying lipstick LipSense and then you’ll easily move into using our other waterproof makeup products.

Since the early days¬†of lipstick, all women have wanted one thing: for their lipstick to last!¬† The new generation of long-lasting lipsticks¬†all¬† promise that their lipstick won’t come off when you eat, drink, talk or kiss.¬† But not all of the semi permanent lasting lipsticks perform as they claim.¬†¬† They invite you to get the look that lasts all day and enjoy 24-¬†hour lip color with their product that outlasts others.¬† However, many of the long-lasting shades still feather and bleed into the tiny lines around the lips.¬†¬†

And it has been almost impossible to find a non-drying long lasting¬†lipstick¬† until LipSense.¬† I’m continually comparing other all day lipsticks advertised on TV to LipSense.¬† Most use a formula that gets hard and thick then cracks on your lips.¬† Even Lip Ink’s formula, even¬†though it appears to be the most similar to LipSense¬†doesn’t copy the thin smooth layers of color that LipSense has.

LipSense by SeneGence lasts from 4-18 hours without drying your lips.  We invite you to compare the staying power of LipSense to others and see for yourself that we outlast the competition. 

But don’t just take our word for it!¬† See the video below.¬† LipSense¬†was featured on The¬†View TV Show because one of their producers selected LipSense as their favorite product!¬† Will you be next?