The Best Long Lasting Lipstick

Are you still searching for the best long lasting lipstick?  Do you eat your lipstick off during the day?  Is your lipstick gone within an hour of applying?  Does your lipstick look great but feathers and bleeds into the fine lines around your lips?  Do your loved ones run away so they don’t get kissy lip prints on their face?

There are countless lipstick brands claiming that their long lasting lipstick is the best.  You could spend thousands of dollars buying each brand to try it for yourself.

Learn from other people’s mistakes.  I’ve spent the last 35 years in the beauty/fashion/image business.  I’ve worked for several cosmetic companies.  I’ve personally tried every brand of lipstick that has claimed to be the best long lasting lipstick.

I’ve discovered that the originator of the long lasting lipstick revolution got it right the first time.  It’s Lipsense by SeneGence International.   Lipsense is a liquid lip color, not a lipstick.

Lipsense is lipsensapplied in 3 thin layers followed by a special moisturizing gloss.  It is sold in a 3 piece set that includes a color, a gloss and a remover.  You can save 10% by ordering the Collection Set.  And it doesn’t budge!  It absolutely will NOT feather and bleed even if you have deep lip wrinkles.

Lipsense does NOT kiss off.  It leaves a Clear Kiss!

When used properly, it doesn’t dry out your lips like so many other long lasting brands.  This product will last on your lips between 4-18 hours.  There is a broad range because people’s PH levels determine how long it lasts.  Even if it only lasts 3 hours, it won’t get on you teeth!  It won’t get on your coffee cup.  It sets instantly when you apply it so it quick and easy to apply.

SeneGence is sold by individual distributors and they are looking for more!   Would YOU like to sell the best long lasting lipstick??  Click HERE.