LipSense® lipstick outlasts ALL other semi permanent lipsticks without drying your lips!  
So just  HOW are we different?
  • LipSense® is a liquid lip color.  It forms a semi-permeable membrane on top of the lips which means our moisturizing gloss can soak through to deep condition your lips.
  • The liquid formula adheres within seconds to your lips . (No waiting for several minutes for it to dry)
  • Lipsense® is NOT a stain.
  • It contains no wax so it won’t smudge or smear.  It won’t feather or bleed into fine lines around the lips.
  • Lipsense® is applied in 3 thin layers so you can create different shades by layering.  It never gets hard, dry or cracked on your lips.
  • Contains NO LEAD like traditional lipsticks do.
  • LipSense® is waterproof and will not kiss off or rub off.
  • LipSense® Lip Gloss contains shea butter which is known to help repair dry, damaged, chapped and sensitive lips.   Use gloss on bare lips at night for extra moisture.
  LipSense® liquid lip color should last anywhere between 4 to 18 hours, depending on your individual body chemistry.

2 thoughts on “LipSense

  1. Joyce Petruzzelli

    Saw your video on customer direct ordering. I have a question, I was told that there is also a $300 per year charge to use the SeneGence website. Is this true? Thanks. Joyce


  2. Costumers never pay to place an order! As a SeneGence distributor, your choice to have your customer’s products shipped direct from the SeneGence warehouse does come at a small charge to you. Contact the SeneGence corporate office to see what current fees apply.


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