Fade, Reduce and Remove Age Spots

Skin Lightener Face & Body

Brown spots and senescence spots called hyperpigmentation can result directly from chronic exposure to sunlight. These pigment disorders, localized on the hands, face, and arms accentuate with age and are a considerable esthetic problem for many. SeneDerm Solutions Skin Lightener can be used to replace your current body lotion or hand cream or used in a specific area of the body and face as a treatment product for hyperpigmentation. It is a safe way to lighten skin, depigmentize, and minimize liver spots faster and more efficiently than existing ingredients. Skin Lightener is perfectly formulated to work great with all skin types and skin tones.

The Science Behind the Product
The product is a sophisticated combination of five key elements that eradicate hyperpigmentation, prevent from skin’s damage from UV rays while making skin look more beautiful and luminous.

  1. Alpha Arbutin
  2. Lactid Acid
  3. Beta Glucan
  4. Natural Antioxidant Complex
  5. SenePlex Complex

Key Ingredients and Benefits
Let’s review how these ingredients work so well together to prevent hyperpigmentation.

1. Alpha Arbutin – blocks epidermal melanin biosynthesis.
2. Lactid Acid – used as Skin-rejuvenating agent, anti-microbial agent, pH regulator. The lactic acid in Skin Lightener is the human body’s AHA (alphahydroxy) used to promote cell renewal, skin lightening and to increased ceramides. They are natural constituents of the human body, found in both skin and hair.  Lactic acid combines a high skin cell renewal rate with a very low irritation level.
3. Beta Glucan – A natural product, not chemically modified. It is an anti-aging, immune stimulating, moisturizing, film forming ingredient that is non-invasive alternative for anti-wrinkle treatment. Beta Glucan:

  1. Protects against UV-damage
  2. Stimulates collagen synthesis
  3. Deeply Penetrates Skin
  4. Improves extrinsic signs of aging
  5. Promotes healing and reduces scar coloration
  6. Is Moisturizing

Directions for Use
Apply to affected area up to twice daily (morning and night) until desired results are achieved. Wash hands immediately after use.