Summer requires water proof makeup!

If you’ve been a loyal LipSense customer for years I hope your SeneGence distributor has introduced you to the entire line of our semi permanent cosmetics.  Imagine every single product in our makeup line lasting as long as LipSense.  We have it!  All our makeup items are water proof, sweat proof and smear proof just like LipSense!  Yes, we actually have makeup that won’t sweat off!  Not just makeup but waterproof blush, eyeshadow, concealer, eyeliner, mascara, the works!

I’m a scuba diver and I dive in a full face of makeup!  It’s great sun protection for the face too.  So many of us ladies are experiencing hot flashes that can easily have our makeup dripping off our chin.  Or maybe you play tennis, run, or work outside in the garden.  Our makeup line actually lasts LONGER than LipSense.

LipSense was the premier product of SeneGence but we are so much more now.  It’s summer and now is the time to order our MakeSense Foundation.  Be sure to get the Fooops Remover because our makeup does NOT come off with soap and water!  Yay!



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