Your “Expert” for all things LipSense and SeneGence .

Hi,  I’m Leanne and I’ve been a SeneGence LipSense Independent Distributor since the company began with only a few colors of LipSense lipstick.  Since that time I’ve achieved, with the hard work of a fantastic team, the ranking of Crown Princess.  That means our team has reached $1 Million is sales in a single calendar year!

I’ve been the Florida State Leader and an International Trainer traveling to Canada and Australia for SeneGence.  I stay on top of the latest news, newest changes, new products and newest color chart and will share the same with you here or you can buy Lipsense at

I have hundreds of  loyal customers across the USA  who have shared their success stories using our products with me.  I’ll share those application tips and tricks here to help you get the results we guarantee.  There are many reasons to love our water proof makeup, sweat proof, semi permanent cosmetics.

So consider me your “Expert” for all things SeneGence and LipSense and get the fabulous skin you deserve with our anti-aging skin care and long lasting semi permanent cosmetics. 

See ME in the Bravo TV clip below and hear why you should use our products AND become a distributor too.


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