Vince Spinnato – Chemist of the Stars – My Pursuit of Beauty Documentary

Spending time with Vince Spinnato last week on the big island of Hawaii was a treat in itself.  Vince, a genius cosmetic chemist, has a documentary called, My Pursuit of Beauty, premiering on the History Channel before the end of the year.

We were both on the Big Island as guests of SeneGence International, an anti-aging cosmetics company.  Vince as the in-house scientist and creator of high tech products for SeneGence and I as an independent distributor and Crown Princess in the royal ranks of SeneGence’s sales force.

Vince Spinnato MyPursuit of Beauty

I was only familiar with Vince as the “man behind the products” with Senegence.  He is a cutting edge cosmetic chemist who has wowed us at SeneGence more than once with new, exciting product innovations.  Vince Spinnato is also known as the “Go To” guy for celebrities looking to create their own fragrances, skin care and cosmetic products.  He has consulted for companies such as Estee Lauder, L’Oreal, LVMH (Sephora), P&G, and Alberto Culver.

Vince is a man that it would take quite a long time to really know.  Imagine layers, like an onion.  You know there is so much more beneath the surface.  Don’t get me wrong.  He is immediately likable with a wicked sense of humor.  You feel like you are talking with your best guy friend from high school.  There is no pretense that you might associate with someone who rubs elbows with the rich and famous.  But Vince Spinnato is a cosmetic genius.  You could spend hours talking shop with Vince if you had any clue how he creates his game changing products.  Of which, I did not.

His relaxed and caring attitude along with that quick wit had me wanting more.  Luckily, fate and the airlines provided the opportunity for us to spend more private time together.  When asked questions, Vince chats easily about his family, his life, work and his precious dog “Fallon”.   I have a distinct feeling that Vince could be one of my “real” friends.  Even my husband got a hug from Vince when we said our final good byes.

We at SeneGence are well aware that we receive and share with the public, new technology before it even reaches the “big” cosmetic giants.  Vince’s technology allows SeneGence to be a LEADER of new innovative products in the industry.  That’s right!  You should be looking for a Senegence Independent Distributor right now!  Lucky for you, that’s ME.

SeneGence introduced the beauty market to LipSense long lasting lip color in 1999.  LipSense is patented because it is actually a new technology that has never been copied.  Oh believe me, all the cosmetics companies have tried.  You’ve tried them too.  The ones that dry out your lips and peel off in sheets.  But you have never tried ANY long lasting lipstick that works like LipSense!

Vince Spinnato has provided exclusive new anti-aging technology to SeneGence that will have the big companies scrambling to copy.  Why wait for the copy cats?  YOU can have this anti-aging, skin changing technology now!  Just contact me, Leanne Avant at 850-524-5477 or purchase the jaw dropping, time-reversing, one of a kind, Anti-Aging Skin Care Collection.

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